Despite 300 shut-off notices, state still owes public utility $12 million


Illinois has two months to work with Springfield’s municipally-owned utility on either paying its multi-million dollar bill or setting up a payment plan.

Springfield’s City Water Light and Power (CWLP) has received more than half a million dollars from the state recently, thanks to the stopgap budget passed in June. But the state still owes the public utility about $12 million.

CWLP Chief Engineer Doug Brown said they’ve sent the state’s 300 accounts shut-off notices.

“By Sept. 21 you can either become current with your bill or contact one of our CWLP supervisors and set up basically your payment plan as far as notifying us when you’re going to be paying to become current,” Brown said.

Brown said they’ve floated the state all year but the utility is in need of revenue to cover big projects going into the fall.

“We’re getting lower on cash flow and we have some larger projects this fall with Unit 4, the turbine overhaul — it’s the first time for that unit — and that’s going to be about $6 million so we’re going to need additional cash going into the fall and that’s why we’re really kind of pushing the state now to pay since they’ve got their appropriations,” Brown said.

The comptroller’s office says they are prioritizing utility payments and are turning vouchers around as fast as state agencies turn them in.