State rep who didn’t vote for Madigan as Speaker says he’s being bullied


A Democratic state representative said he’s being bullied for not voting for Mike Madigan as the House Speaker.

Rep. Scott Drury voted “present” earlier this month for Speaker. He also voted against the House Rules. After that, he noticed something strange: he didn’t receive a gift bag like other Democrat House members.

“I later learned that it was a deskclock that was engraved, touting Speaker Madigan’s lengthy tenure as Speaker of the House,” Drury said.

Madigan has been Speaker all but two years since 1983.

The retaliation got more serious, the former federal prosecutor said, with his seat on the Criminal Judiciary Committee being taken away.

“I’ve been a strong voice for preventing wrongful convictions in Illinois, so to be removed from that when the only things that’s changed between last year to this year was my vote on Speaker, which again, was just in line with what my constituents wanted,” Drury said.

Not being assigned a chairmanship — a position that Madigan controls — means Drury won’t get the $10,326 stipend associated with that post.

Drury said this sends the wrong message to his fellow Democrats in the House.

“I think the message is clear: Don’t do what Drury did because if you do there will be a punishment,” he said.

Drury said lawmakers “have to represent their districts at their own risk.”

He also said this “sends the wrong message to the public that we’re not interested in policy. We’re interested in making sure (lawmakers) vote a certain way.”

Drury said he wouldn’t be surprised if he were challenged in next year’s Democratic Primary, but he’s not getting out of the Democratic Party.

“I’m a Democrat and I support Democratic values,” he said. “I don’t think that because one person or a group of people want to bully me or intimidate me means that I should be forced out of the party.”

Messages seeking comment from Madigan’s spokesman were unsuccessful.